Sunday, May 31, 2009

57. Vidyananda Swamikal

This Sanyasin disciple of Sree Narayana Guru was born into a joint family in Kavalam, Kuttanadu. Many of his family members were Ayurvedic medical practitioners. His name was Ramankutty. He studied at Sanadhana Dharma High School , Alleppey and he passed High School with high marks. He could not continue his education because of the sudden death of his three uncles. These tragedies exhausted him mentally; he left his home and visited many religious places.

He came to the Adwaita Ashram while Guru was staying there. After hearing Ramankutty's story Guru asked him to stay there. He arranged Ramankutty a job at the Sanskrit School . His staying at the Ashram helped him to improve his skills in the Sanskrit language. He also spoke English, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. Later he was initiated as a monk by Guru and received the name, ‘Vidyananda'. After Guru's Samadhi Vidyananda Swami moved to Kancheepuram Sree Narayana Seva Ashram, later to Mambalam.

A rich person donated some land near Mambalam and the Swami founded Sree Narayana Mission there. Later he started an infirmary adjunct to the Mission . This free sanatorium was a big help for the poor people in that area. Vidyananda Swami wrote an interpretation for Sree Narayana Guru's ‘Darsanamala'. Guru titled this book as ‘Dheedhidi', which means ray.This book became an important means of reference to many scholars. He wrote many articles, mostly related to Guru's philosophy, and published in periodicals. In 1959 Swami became ill and partially paralyzed. He spent the end of his life in Changanacherry and attained Samadhi in 1964.


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