Saturday, May 23, 2009

36.Anukampa Dasakam -Poem by Sree Narayana Guru

Oru Peeda erumpinum varu-
ttarutennulla anukampayum sada
Karunakara! nalkukullil nin
tiru mai viTTakalate cintayum.
Arulal varum inpam anp aka-
nnoru nenchal varum allal okkeyum
Irul anpine mattum allalin
Karuvakum karvam itetinum.
Arul anp anukmpa moonninum
Porul onnanitu jeevatarakam
'a ru lu lla va naa nu jee vi'ye-
nnuruviTTeeduka yee navaaksharee.
Arul illa atenkil asti tol
sira narunnoru udampu tanavan;
maruvil pravahikkum ambu a-
Ppurushan nishphala gandha pushpamam.
Varum aru vidham vikaaravum
varumarilla arivinnu itinnu ner;
Uruvam udal viTTu keertiya-
muruvarnningu anukampa ninnidum.
Paramaardham uracchu taervidum
Porulo, bhoota dayaa khsama abdhiyo?
Sarala advaya bhashyakaranaam
Guruvo yiee anukampa aandavan?
Purusha akrti poonda Daivamo?
Nara divya akrti poonda dharmamo?
Paramesa pavitra putrano?
Karunaavan Nabi muthu ratnamo?
Jwara maatti vibhooti kondu mu-
nnaritaam vaelakal caiyta moorttiyo?
Arutaate valanju paadi ou-
daramaam novu kedutta siddhano?
Haran annezhuti prasiddhamaam
Mara yonnotiya maamuneendrano?
Mariyat udalodu poyora-
Pparamesante parartdhya bhaktano?
Nara roopam eduttu bhoomiyil
Perumareedina Kaamadhenuvo?
Paramaadbhuta daana devata
taruvo yee anukampa yandavan?

Phala Sruti (Envoy)

Aruma mara otum arddhavum
Guru otum Muni otum arddhavum
Oru jaatiyil ullatu onnu taan
Porul orttal akhila agamattinum

(Translated from the Malayalam)

Such mercy that even to an ant
Would brook not the least harm to befall,
0 Mercy-Maker do vouchsafe with contemplation
Which from Thy pure Presence never strays.

Grace yields blessedness; a heart love-empty
Disaster spells of every kind.
Darkness as love's effacer and as suffering's core,
Is seed to everything.

Grace, love, mercy-all the three
Stand for one same reality - life's star.
'He who loves is he who really lives'. Do learn
These syllables nine by heart in place of lettered charm.

Without the gift of grace, a mere body
Of bone and skin and tissue foul is man
Like water lost in desert sand,
Like flower or fruit bereft of smell.

Those phases six that life do overtake
Invade not wisdom's pure domain;
Likewise the mercy quality, when human form has gone,
As good reputation's form endures.

That Dispenser of Mercy, could He not be that reality
Who proclaiming words of supreme import, the chariot drives,
Or compassion's ocean, ever impatient for all creation,
Or who in terms clear non-dual wisdom expounds, the Guru?

In human semblance here is He a divinity,
Or perhaps the law of right in sacred human form?
Is He the pure begotten Son of the Lord Most High?
Or kindly Prophet Nabi, pearl and gem in one?

Is He that soul personified who with holy ashes once
Fever drove away and many wonders worked?
Or yet that other of psychic power who wandering in agony,
Allayed His ventral distress even with song?

Else is He that sage of crowning fame who uttered once again
That holy script already known and writ in Hara's name?
Or He devoted to the value of the Lord Supreme
Who here departed bodily ere life for him was stilled?
Dealing bounty here on earth and taking human form
Is He that Kama-Dhenu cow of all-providing good?
Or perhaps that wonder-tree of heaven supreme,
The Deva-Taru which to each its gifts bestows?

High scripture's meaning, antique, rare,
Or meaning as by Guru taught,
And what mildly a sage conveys,
And wisdom's branches of every stage,
Together they all belong,
As one in essence, in substance same.


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