Monday, June 15, 2009

110. Quotes of Sree Narayana gurudevan

People here on earth, they sleep, wake and think. Various thoughts: watching over all of this with intent eye (witness) There dawns a priceless light, which never shall dim again. Led onward by this, one should move forward.
– Sri Narayana Guru

"Inform the people about the general principles of religion and propagate faith in God.Strive among the people to achieve external and internal cleanliness or the threefold cleanliness (of thought, word and deed).Speak to the people about non-violence, love and unity and make themobserve these principles.Select and train suitable young men and send out the best and willing among them as monks to work for the good of others."

-Sri Narayana Guru


Nithin Poojary said...

Jai guru deva

Raju Charles said...

Great Soul of Kerala!
I salutes Guru for standing up for Social Justice and Civil Rights in Caste India!

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