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100.Brahmasree Saswathikananda swamikal

Swami Saswathikananda was a spiritual leader who took the Sivagiri Mutt, the main pilgrimage centre of the followers of the Sree Narayana Guru, to the pinnacle of glory at the international level. The 52-year-old Swamiji, in fact, dedicated his life for the growth of the Sivagiri Mutt and the centres connected with the life organiser, he was very amenable and sophisticated and had wielded considerable clout among his followers and others. He was at the helm of the Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham for quite a long time as its member and general secretary. He was born in 1952 at Kuthumkallumoottu, near Manacadu in Thiruvananthapuram. As a boy, Sasidharan, who had later become Swami Saswathikananda, was well versed in Upanishads and Sree Narayana literature.

From Sasidharan to Swami Saswathikananda

Swami Saswathikananda was born in an ordinary Ezhava family in Kuthumkalumoodu, Manacadu in Thiruvananthapuram in 1952. His pre-ashram name was Sasidharan. He was the eldest son of Sri. Chellapan of Pazhanchira Kayikara family. His mother, Smt, Kausalya hailed from Varkala. Sasidharan had two brothers and sisters.
He came to Sivagiri in his childhood itself. His mother, Smt. Kausalya's father's eldest brother, Swami Kumarananda was a close disciple of Gurudevan. Later, he became the president of Dharma Sangam Trust. Sasidharan's took his education at Sivagiri. Along with his schooling at Sivagiri School, Sasidharan also worked as priest in the Sharada Mutt. By 15, he had mastered the Upanishads and Gurudeva literature.
At that time itself, the saints of the Sivagiri Mutt noticed the spiritual qualities of this active boy. After passing out SSLC from the Sivagiri school, he was an inmate of the Sri Krishna Ashram at Purrnattukara. Sasidharan was a pet of Swami Eshwarananda, the then President of the Ashram. From there he reached the abode of Thriprayar Yogini Amma. He returned to Sivagiri by the advice of Yogini Amma.
Sasidharan first passed Pre Degree course and then joined for B A at the Sivagiri S N College. During his third year, in 1972, the Bhrama Vidyalaya was started in Sivagiri. He joined the Vidyalaya in the first batch.
He completed the seven-year Bhrama Vidya education under the guidance of eminent Sanskrit scholar, H M Shastrikal and language expert, Prof. E V Damodaran. He was considered as a brilliant and diligent student. This course opened the doors to the intricate world Sanskrit and the enlightened world of Gurudeva darshan.
After education, for over one and a half years, he wandered around holy places in the Himalayas. After returning to Sivagiri, he was bestowed with sainthood from the president of the Dharma Sangom Trust, Swami Bhramandanda in 1977. From then on, he was known as Swami Saswathikananda.
Later, he became Dharma Sangom Trust member, general secretary and then president. It was during this period he became noticed at the national level.
A deep enthusiast and expert in science and all other areas, he took care to impart Guru Deva visions and teachings to the masses in the simplest form that even children can understand.

At the age 52 in July 2002 Swami Saswathikananda, former head of the Sivagiri Mutt at Varkala in Thiruvananthapuram, drowned in the Periyar River at Aluva morning. Swami was swept away while taking bath at the Adwaitashram Ghat. He had come from the state capital to take part in the meeting of the Sree Narayana Dharma Sangh

The holy Sivagiri hills stand numbed and shocked by the untimely departure of Swami Saswathikananda. The inmates of the Mutt and the people are Varkala are struggling to come to terms with the reality of the untimely departure of this holy saint, who shone as the spiritual light of the Mutt and the populace.

The samadhi for Saswathikananda Swamikal was placed beside the Maha Samadhi of former Dharma Sangom Trust secretary, Sree Narayana Theertar, a few yards away from Swami's abode.

Samadhi mandap of Brahmasree Saswathikananda swamikal at Sivagiri




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I had visited the ashram on the day saswathikananda died purely by chance. I could see "Priyan" the accused goonda on the steps leading to the bath area in the river around 10-10.30 am(do not remember the exact time as it happened long ago)

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