Monday, March 1, 2010

129.Yugapurushan Movie on Life and Times of Gurudevan

The great man who proposed the ideology of equality and brotherhood, the man who fought against the ruthless caste system that was deep routed in Kerala society, the pure soul who declared ‘One caste, one religion, one God for man’, the story of this human lover is brought to reel life by R. Sukumaran, the director who gave the indelible hits like Padamudra and Rajashilpi. Fifteen years of extensive study about Gurudevan’s life has made this film enthusiastic to sketch the incredible life of Sree Narayana guru into reel.

When caste system was reigning in Kerala society, when low caste people were subjected to hardcore injustice, Nanu Asan decided to fight against it and also pledged the upliftment of lower caste people. He gave away all worldly pleasures and wandered, searching the truth and meaning of life. Portraying the life of such an ideal man, was a relatively hard task. The task of the director was to get the message of Gurudevan to people and to illustrate the hardships undergone by Gurudevan for attaining his goal of equality an upliftment. Investing money for an art based subject, was a huge risk. In present period of commercialization of film industry, when everyone is behind profit and no one dares to produce film which doesn’t have breath taking fight scenes, heart warming romance or songs, A. V. Anoop, Chairman of Cholayil group, the makers of Medimix soap, came forward to produce this epic, under the banner of A.V.A. Productions.

Tamil actor, Thalaivasal Vijayan portrays the character of Sree Narayana Guru in the film. thre is a big star caste in the movie including Mammootty, Navya Nair, Kalabhavan Mani, Siddique, Babu Antony, Jagathy Sreekumar, Sukumari etc. The historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Kumaran Asan, Dr. Palpu and Ayyankali too make an appearance in the movie.
The lyrics for the movie was written by Kaithaprom Damodaran Namboothiri and music is byMohan Sithara.

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